Client Update: Major fixes and QoL features!

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Jan 7, 2024
Good morning (night) everyone!

Before I begin, I do apologize for the buggy new client release. This update aims to fix these issues and provide everyone with a client that was just the way it was before this update. Even though there are a bunch of new changes under the hood as Mod Pixel highlighted in his last post, there were some bugs that were unexpected and hurt the player experience.

I've gone ahead and identified these issues with the help of Pazaz and we've pushed out a new client release, available here:

2011Scape Live Client - 1.0.2 - GitHub Releases

  • Fixed mouse wheel interactions.
  • Fixed shift-click dropping items.
  • Fixed client zoom.
  • Changed window title to "2011Scape" to be in-line with our live server.
  • Fixed custom cursors and fullscreen support.
Fullscreen support is hit or miss. It didn't want to work with my monitor's native resolution but YMMV. It seems that HW acceleration is broken in this display mode. Use Fixed or Resizable until a patch is pushed.

If you want the latest version of the client before it is updated in the launcher, use the direct .jar link above, otherwise you can wait for the launcher to have the latest client update.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy adventuring on 2011Scape!

- Hawthorne
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