Hop into 2011Scape this Easter for an Eggciting Bonus XP Event!

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Sep 14, 2023
The Easter Bunny has hidden more than just chocolate eggs around 2011Scape this year. From Easter Day through Sunday next week, we're thrilled to announce that Bonus XP will be hopping into action!

As always, the longer you play during the Bonus XP event, the more your XP multiplier will decrease, starting at a generous 2.7x and gradually reducing to 1.1x for those marathon gaming sessions. Here's a reminder of how it works:

Game time (mins)XP MultiplierAverage multiplier over full period
0-30x 2.7x 2.7
30-60x 2.55x 2.625
60-90x 2.4x 2.55
90-120x 2.25x 2.475
120-150x 2.1x 2.4
150-180x 2.0x 2.3
180-210x 1.9x 2.27
210-240x 1.8x 2.2125
240-270x 1.7x 2.155
270-300x 1.6x 2.1
300-330x 1.5x 2.04
330-360x 1.45x 1.99
360-390x 1.4x 1.95
390-420x 1.35x 1.9
420-450x 1.3x 1.86
450-480x 1.25x 1.82
480-510x 1.2x 1.79
510-540x 1.175x 1.75
540-570x 1.15x 1.725
570-600x 1.125x 1.695
600+x 1.1x 1.66*
Event Start: Easter Day (March 31st) at 08:00 PDT Event End: Sunday, April 7th at 23:59 PDT

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to 2011Scape, this is the perfect time to dive in, level up your skills, and make some unforgettable memories with your fellow adventurers.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on in and make the most of this egg-cellent Bonus XP event!

Happy Easter, and happy gaming!

The 2011Scape Team 🐣

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