Major Quest Update: Lost City and Latest Patches

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Sep 14, 2023
Greetings, adventurers and developers of the 2011Scape community!

Today, I'm thrilled to share with you our latest patch notes, reflecting the hard work and dedication of our team and contributors in bringing the classic 2011 RuneScape experience to life. Let's dive into the exciting updates and enhancements you can now enjoy in-game.

Major Quest Update: Lost City​

  • Lost City Quest: Thanks to Hawthorne, you can now embark on the Lost City quest. Prepare to uncover the secrets of Zanaris!
  • Evil Chicken Lair & Black Dragons Lair: Dive into the depths of danger and confront formidable foes in these newly added lairs.
  • Zanaris Enhancements: We've populated Zanaris with various shops and interactive objects to enrich your exploration.

Gameplay and Accessibility Improvements​

  • Law Altar Restrictions: To maintain game balance, players with restricted equipment can no longer leave the law altar.
  • Cosmic Rift Access: Only players who have completed the Lost City quest can now use the cosmic rift in the abyss.
  • Item Restrictions: The Dragon Longsword and Dragon Dagger (and their variants) now require completion of the Lost City quest.

Combat and Skills​

  • Dragon Longsword Special Attack: We've added a special attack for dragon longswords and tweaked the Dragon Dagger's spec for better accuracy.
  • Kill Count Track System: Thanks to ipkpjersi, you can now track your Boss and Slayer kills with the commands ::bosskc and ::slayerkc.
  • Runite Spawn in Heroes' Guild: Discover a new runite spawn to bolster your mining journey.
  • Agility Shortcuts: Navigate the world more efficiently with added agility shortcuts.
  • XP Lamp Interface Fix: We corrected the XP lamp interface to display the accurate XP reward.

Shop and Dialogue Additions​

  • New NPC Interactions: Courtesy of MrSlayerGod, you'll find new shops and engaging chat dialogues in areas like Warriors Guild, Ape Atoll, Catherby, and more!

Fishing and Environment​

  • Expanded Fishing Locations: Cast your line in various new spots, from the Tree Gnome Stronghold to the distant shores of Tirannwn.
  • Fixed Fishing Spots and NPCs: We've resolved issues with fishing spots and bankers moving around the map unexpectedly.
  • Banshee Slayer Level Adjustment: Banshees will now only be assigned to players with a minimum of 15 slayer level.
This update is a testament to our commitment to delivering an authentic and enjoyable 2011 RuneScape emulation experience. We're incredibly grateful for the contributions of our dedicated community members and developers. Your feedback and support continue to shape 2011Scape into a vibrant and evolving project.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy adventuring in the realms of 2011Scape!

Patch Notes:
  • Lost City quest can now be started (Credits: Hawthorne)
    • added access to the evil chicken lair / black dragons lair
    • added various shops around zanaris
    • added various object interactions around zanaris
    • restricted the player from leaving the law altar if they have restricted equipment
    • restricted the player from using the cosmic rift in the abyss if they have not completed Lost City.
    • added the Lost City quest restriction for the following items: Dragon Longsword, Dragon Dagger (and variants)
    • added special attack for dragon longswords, readjusted the value at which the dds spec increases accuracy.
  • Kill count track system (Credits: ipkpjersi)
    • View Boss killcounts with ::bosskc and slayer kills with ::slayerkc
  • added runite spawn in the heroes' guild
  • added a few agility shortcuts
  • fixed xp lamp interface displaying the wrong xp rewarded to the player.
  • Shops and chat dialogues have been added to the following areas (Credits: MrSlayerGod):
    • Warriors guild
    • Ape Atoll
    • Catherby
    • Karamja
    • Morytania
    • Port Phasmatys
    • Shilo Village
    • Remmington
    • Taverly
    • Varrock
  • Added more fishing locations:
    • Tree Gnome Stronghold (ID: 309)
    • Ape Atoll (IDs: 1405, 1406)
    • Shilo Village (ID: 317)
    • Near Combat Training Camp (ID: 311)
    • Fishing Platform (ID: 316)
    • Near Demonic Ruins (ID: 3804)
    • Jatizso (IDs: 5470, 5471)
    • Near Observatory (ID: 927)
    • Piscatoris Fishing Colony (ID: 3848)
    • Barbarian Village (ID: 328)
    • Near Fremennik Province (ID: 7863)
    • Near Sinclair Mansion (ID: 315)
    • Tirannwn (ID: 1189)
    • Near Mobilising Armies (IDs: 7045, 7046, 7044)
    • Near Barbarian Village (ID: 328)
    • Rellekka (IDs: 1333, 1332, 1331)
  • Fixed some fishing spots from moving around the map.
  • Fixed various bankers moving around the map.
  • Banshees now will only assigned at 15 slayer.

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